Ride-hailing app Gett is launching a range of initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions from its taxis in the UK.

The technology firm, which works with black cab drivers in London, said it would be offsetting 7,500 tonnes of CO2 to make every ride “carbon neutral”.

Gett will also give passengers the opportunity to donate 20p extra per ride, through the app, which will be donated to a project to improve the air quality at 12 schools in central London as part of its Gett Green initiative.

In a further move, Gett said it was also “continuously supporting” the introduction of electric taxis in London, Coventry, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Matteo de Renzi, Gett’s UK CEO, said: “Air quality is increasingly becoming more of an issue, not just in London, but across the UK.

“By becoming carbon neutral we’re incredibly proud to be helping cities achieve cleaner air and reduce pollution levels, something that our business clients consider imperative. Offsetting the CO2 our UK rides produce we will positively impact multiple climate projects across the globe.

“With Gett Green, we are also providing our customers with the option to be ‘carbon positive’ to further support the cleaning of London’s air.”

North American ride-hailing firm Lyft has also made a commitment to purchase enough carbon offsets to “neutralise” emissions from every ride and become carbon neutral as a company.

Lyft is also promising to purchase enough renewable energy to cover the electricity consumption of every Lyft office, driver hub and electric vehicle mile.

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