Carlson Wagonlit Travel has launched CWT AnswerIQ, an artificial intelligence-powered data insight, reporting and visualisation tool that works like a personalised search engine that incorporates the client’s travel programme.

The tool combines an internet-style search tool with ‘drill-down capabilities’ and CWT’s data to allow clients to access all the data about their own programmes.

It provides visibility over three years’ worth of data, which is updated multiple times a day. CWT says this ensures clients get up-to-date information.

Using machine learning, CWT AnswerIQ adapts and improves its search capabilities, getting more personalised over time. As users run their searches, the data are visualised in a way that stakeholders can understand, providing a variety of visualisation options.

In addition, users can design, create and share dashboards with their colleagues.

Eric Tyree, chief data scientist at CWT, said: “CWT AnswerIQ makes corporate travel reporting as easy as shopping for your next pair of shoes on the internet. You type your request in the search box, AnswerIQ goes through all your data, and gives you the answers – visualised for ease of understanding.”

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