Travel technology company Amadeus and the Guild of Travel Management Companies (GTMC) have renewed their long-standing industry partnership.

The two parties say they aim to provide solutions to challenges and cross-industry issues in an effort to make business travel more convenient and cost-effective. The partnership also facilitates networking opportunities through discussion, strategy groups and industry lobbying.

The GTMC’s membership includes 90 per cent of all managed business travel agents in the UK and the organisation works alongside its members and industry partners to raise the profile of the vital role that business travel plays in the wider economy.

Amadeus has invested more than €5.4 billion in research and development in the travel and technology sector since 2004, including tools to help TMCs service their customers and travellers.

Adrian Parkes, CEO of the GTMC, said: “As a long-standing industry partner of the GTMC, we’re thrilled to cement our relationship further yet with Amadeus and look forward to our continuing work together. As such a big player in the industry, the prospect of what we can achieve as a dual force for the sector is very exciting.”

Liz Emmott, UK general manager at Amadeus, added: “We greatly value the role GTMC plays as the voice of the industry and its focus on the welfare of its members when tackling various issues with all industry players. Within this very important partnership, both Amadeus and GTMC’s combined expertise and heritage will ensure that together we can successfully meet the ever-changing demands and expectations of both business travellers and our partners from all corners of the sector.

“The relationship with GTMC reflects Amadeus’ new Live Travel Space mantra to bring all parts of the industry together and the importance of remaining open, dynamic and connected.”;

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