Sabre has formed an alliance with one of China’s main GDSs, TravelSky.

The deal sees the US-based global GDS and travel technology company signing two new agreements on hotels with the Chinese.

Each GDS will now make its hotel content available to the other’s agency customers.

This will give Sabre’s 350,000 clients access to TravelSky’s 30,000 Chinese hotel properties and TravelSky’s 7,000 customers access to Sabre’s 100,000 properties.

Harald Eisenaecher, Sabre’s senior vp in Europe, the Middle East and Africa said TravelSky was a “key player in China, and our alliance is an important step towards meeting the needs of travellers from the East and West.”

He added: “China’s rapidly growing tourism industry, and strong inbound and outbound travel has made it the third largest tourism marketplace in the world, and this is driving greater demand for quality hotel content.

“Our agreement gives our hotel partners a unique and extremely valuable channel to tap into the burgeoning Chinese marketplace, and provides our agency customers with significantly more choice and efficient access to Chinese hotel properties.”

Xue Qiang, vp for tour and transport solutions of TravelSky Technology, said: “This is an important alliance for us as this hotel content was previously not available to our travel agencies or travellers in China.”

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