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Cardiff airport to set future plans following growth

Cardiff airport

Cardiff airport has reported its 15th consecutive month of passenger growth, prompting the Welsh hub to develop a “masterplan” for its future.

More than 1.51 million customers are now using the airport, with passenger numbers up 9 per cent for the rolling year in May. The airport projects double-digit growth for the coming financial year.

Cardiff airport changed ownership in 2013 and has since seen new airlines and additional destinations, as well as improvements to the terminal.

A total of 18 airlines now serve Cardiff, many of which have added capacity on existing routes and launched new flights. The fastest-growing destinations from the airport include Belfast City, Glasgow, Cork and Paris Charles de Gaulle (all served by Flybe).

The airport recently saw Qatar Airways launch a new regular service to Doha, creating links between Wales and the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Cardiff airport says it will be unveiling its Masterplan, which will detail its development vision up to 2040.

Deb Barber, CEO of Cardiff airport, said: “15 months of continuous passenger growth is a very promising reflection of how far Cardiff airport has come and the positive direction that we are headed.

“Our airlines, namely KLM, Qatar Airways and TUI, have recognised the potential and invested in Wales and we have also made significant improvements to the customer experience and the terminal, which, again, encourages customers to choose to fly from Cardiff.

“Our commitment is to be a national airport that the people of Wales can be proud of and to be a vital gateway for visitors into the UK. With more positive developments to come and double-digit growth projected for the year ahead, Cardiff airport is proud to fly the flag for Wales and to more exciting developments to follow.”


At the Airport on Sunday 3rd of June for a 0700Hr flight called to the departure gate a very,very long walk to the departure gate, the had to wait 20 mins. in a steel type long passage before we could board then had to walk to the aircraft "Come on Cardiff this is 2018"
on return on the 10th of June landed the furthest bay away from the terminal another long walk did not count the number of time we went up and down stairs before we reached the passport check in.
You state today that your passenger numbers are going up this is not what I heard from passengers all around on Sunday their swan song was " Never Cardiff Again"

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Alan Griffith (not verified)

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