Following the success of its Concur Expense bot, SAP Concur has announced it is launching a new Concur Travel bot for business collaboration platform Slack.

The bot is currently available as a beta version for joint Concur Travel and Slack customers. It allows users to search for in-policy flights that include a company’s negotiated rates, along with the ability to filter results by destination, departure and return dates, fare class, preferred airlines and more.

Once flight selections are made, the bot uses the traveller’s SAP Concur profile to auto-populate saved payment and reward programme information. After the booking is made, users can have the bot automatically import their itinerary into Concur Expense, creating a claim for the flight that they can submit at the end of their trip.

Groups can also use the Concur Travel bot to look up flights in real time within a Slack conversation. Members can also share trips and co-book flights. Users can then use the bot to review and access upcoming flight and hotel reservations within a chat.

SAP Concur says it leveraged the expertise of its Hipmunk and Concur Travel teams to build the functionality.

In a statement announcing the Concur Travel bot for Slack, SAP Concur said: “Based on our research, we discovered that business travellers care less about banter with an artificial assistant, preferring assistants who quickly understand what they want over bots that lead them down back-and-forth conversations. Business travellers, more than leisure travellers, require chatbots to understand their intent and queries with a high level if accuracy. Because of these findings, @Concur_Travel_Beta app for Slack uses forms, menus, self-updating messages, and other novel messaging user interface elements to understand intents quickly so we can accomplish your task fast.”

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