Airline data provider Routehappy has launched a new service to track the type and availability of onboard beverages.

The beverages data also includes whether drinks are provided for a fee or at no cost by the airline to give passengers a “clearer picture” of their onboard F&B options.

Routehappy, which is part of ATPCO, has also enhanced its food data by including a more comprehensive list of the catering options available, including any “light” meals.

These enhancements mean that Routehappy now tracks eight flight amenities: seat, aircraft, layout, wifi, entertainment, power, food and beverages.

Qantas is the first airline customer to add the beverages and enhanced food data to its website. Routehappy currently has data for these categories for 12 global airlines.

Robert Albert, CEO of Routehappy by ATPCO, said: “Routehappy is the industry standard for airline rich content, and the only company to track complex flight amenity data for the benefit of the entire industry.

“Enhancing food and adding beverages, including whether or not a passenger gets alcoholic drinks included with their ticket, is a big step forward in helping airlines modernise and improve the flight shopping experience.

“We look forward to working with more airline partners so their customers have an easy to understand data set about features that matter to their flight.”

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