Advantage Travel Partnership has signed an agreement with Travelogix to build a custom data collection platform, called Farecast, for the group’s Focus members.

It will launch in April 2019 and be able to collect GDS data in real time directly from the 60 Focus members. As a result, users will gain access to up-to-date air booking trends, volumes and revenues to track and help with airfare negotiations with airlines.

The consortium also claims the “tangible data and insights will also allow its partners to source new corporate business”.
Abby Penston, head of Focus at Advantage Travel Partnership, said: “As we move into 2019 and look at data solutions and innovation to strengthen our Focus Partnership services, we couldn’t be more delighted to partner with Travelogix. The Focus-exclusive solution will provide both our central team and our Focus partners a platform to utilise and control their individual data, as well as demonstrating our collective strength as a Partnership when negotiating with suppliers, ensuring that our Focus partners are always competitive.”
Chris Lewis, founder and chief executive of Travelogix, said: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Advantage Focus Partnership to conceptualise, design and build this brand new, innovative platform. Farecast will be a completely unique concept within the industry; it will put Focus and their members back in control of their airline data and provide an immediate time-saving incentive to the group.
“The increase in visibility and control of data will result in increased revenues, as well as the delivery of reliable data to assist airline negotiations. The detail and immediacy of the data will mean that users can take fast, appropriate action based on the metrics the platform delivers, ensuring that airline revenues and booking trends can be tracked and override targets measured and achieved.”
Scott Pawley, managing director of Global Travel Management, added: “As a Focus partner we absolutely welcome any advancements that benefit us as a collective group. This particular solution allows us to best utilise our own data through negotiations with the airlines; we can then share our competitive fares with our corporate clients. It’s a win-win as I see it for all parties in the supply chain.”
The collection of data from Focus members began on 1 January 2019, with reporting capabilities being launched in April 2019. Focus members will have exclusive use of the platform for its first year. Override tracking intelligence and member contribution analysis will be delivered later in 2019.

The new deal follows Travelogix’s third Client Assembley in December last year, where it unveiled its new Analytix X2 tool. At the event, several Advantage Focus members were present, inlcuding Martin Pearce of Omega Business Travel (pictured, centre, with Travlogix’s Lewis, left, and sales and marketing manager Tahir Zia).

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