Click Travel is introducing a direct connection to Premier Inn’s new hotel concept, Hub.

The TMC will offer the content in its business travel platform,

Working alongside Premier Inn, Click Travel has implemented the direct connect solution, meaning it’s the first place outside of the hotel’s channels that travellers will be able to book Hub rooms.

David Cooney, head of B2B solutions at Premier Inn, said: “Hub by Premier Inn is our exciting new hotel brand which will appeal to savvy travellers looking for great value and the latest technology from a hotel.

“We currently have four hotels in London and one in Edinburgh, and a further eleven in the pipeline.

Simon McLean, executive chairman, Click Travel, said: “We’re delighted to be the first TMC to be able to offer Premier Inn’s hub hotels to our customers. This direct connect solution makes for a much better customer experience, as it gives customers access to greater variety, both in terms of price and style of accommodation.”

He added: “We’ve been predicting a future based on direct connect solutions for years, which is why we’ve invested so heavily in our direct connect aggregation technology to ensure it’s a breeze to plug in any number of suppliers as they come on stream.”

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