A new service to help travellers in specialist areas such as marine, offshore and energy has been set up by Hogg Robinson Group.

HRG Logistics aims to provide clients with round the clock “total control” over the complex travel arranged required to move employees around the world.

The major TMC said its new arm would drive further value from company budgets and provide support and advice for its customers.

HRG Logistics will embrace the agent’s Global Fares Database and its Crew Booker, which it said would handle crew rotations, as well as its tracking tool.

The service will be supported by “Centres of Expertise” in locations including Houston, Bergen, Dubai, Singapore and Perth staffed by corporate management teams.

Tony Berry, HRG’s director of industry and fare distribution said, “HRG Logistics enables us to bring our technology and international network of experts together as one package to deliver a unique and effective approach to highly complex logistics management.”

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