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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

Addison Lee forecasts 40% growth for 2017

Andy Boland

Addison Lee is forecasting a sharp rise in revenues for 2017, following £100 million investment in technology, services and acquisitions.

The London-based private car hire service is predicting a 40 per cent year-on-year jump in revenues.

It has also reported bookings for its executive car service were up 20 per cent in 2016 compared to the previous year. Addison Lee now has 20,000 business customers in London, including 80 per cent of FTSE companies.

“It’s been an amazing twelve months for Addison Lee,” said CEO Andy Boland (pictured). “We are investing in services, training and technology to give our customers a first class experience and provide them with a truly global ground transportation service.”

The growth has been fuelled by investing in technology such as the Addison Lee app, the Tristar & Flyte Tyme acquisitions and the creation of the first platform that allows customers to book a quality car service across the globe.

Boland added: “We have invested almost £100m in the last year to create and develop services that our customers want. Soon our customers will be able use a single portal to book a car anywhere in the world secure in the knowledge that they will get a seamless door to door premium service.”

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Andy Boland doesn't say in the piece above that he alone has slashed the drivers income by up to 30%,over 1000 drivers have left Addison Lee in the past 18 months and customer complaints are up by 50% than last year,this is because good drivers have left and the management are told to replace them with whoever and most are just rubbish and rely on the sat nav.If Addison Lee don't start looking after the remaining good drivers it has,the Carlyle groups investment won't be worth 300 million more like 300 pounds because without good drivers you have nothing !

The rascal's picture
The rascal (not verified)

I am an Addison Lee Driver and like many of the experienced drivers who provide a 5* service to customers I am now leaving the company as I can't survive on below minimum wage earrings. It's the same story from other drivers I talk to. Addison Lee used to be a great company to work for, but since Carlyle took over the drivers earnings have been slashed in order to boost company figures for a resale.

Addison Lee Driver 's picture
Addison Lee Driver (not verified)

Without doubt, Addison Lee are loosing customers to rivals 'hand over fist'. If the figures quoted are anywhere near true, it's only because they are shafting their drivers on a regular basis. Altering the 'points' system ensures almost all drivers now pay per week for their car & together with a significant reduction in driver rates of pay you can begin to see why they are more profitable. So please remember the next time you book a discounted ride with Addison Lee, it'll be the driver loosing out financially & not the company!

Former Add Lee Driver's picture
Former Add Lee ... (not verified)

Isn't this the idiot that messed up the AA by outsourcing work to second rate recovery firms

Ex AA member's picture
Ex AA member (not verified)

Nine years driving for AddisonLee and it's certainly not the company it was. Used to feel a sense of pride, now just feel used and abused by the management who don't give a damn about the drivers (without whom they don't have a business!) Their profits are largely coming out of drivers pockets

AddLee Driver's picture
AddLee Driver (not verified)

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