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Airbus publishes 2018 aircraft list prices

Airbus product line
Airbus has published the average list prices for its range of passenger aircraft for 2018, which have been increased by 2 per cent across the product line.
At the lower end an A318 aircraft will set you back US$77.4 million, followed by an A319 at US$92.3 million, A320 at US$101 million, A319neo at US$ 101.5 million, A320neo at US$110.6 million, A321 at US$118.3 million, and A321neo at US$129.5 million.
Wide-bodied options start at US$238.5 million for the A330-200, US$259.9 million for the A330-800neo, US$264.2 million for the A330-300, US$280.6 million for the A350-800, US$296.4 million for the A330-900neo, US$317.4 million for the A350-900, and US$366.5 million for the A350-1000.
Finally the manufacturer’s largest aircraft – the Airbus A380 – is quoted at US$445.6 million.
It should be noted that few airlines pay the list price for their aircraft – large orders, ongoing relationships, demand, financing options and other factors will determine the discount provided to a carrier or leasing company.
Commenting on the list John Leahy, chief operating officer customers, Airbus Commercial Aircraft said: “Our new 2018 pricing reflects Airbus’ continuous investments into its aircraft programmes to maximise their value for our customers’ satisfaction – with the winning combination of performance, operating economics and passenger experience.”

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