SAP Concur will release a beta version of a Concur Expense bot on productivity app Slack for US customers, as well as a new Concur Travel bot.

Using the @ConcurExpense and @ConcurTravel bots, users can now manage and claim for business expenses in the Slack app. Managers can be notified about new expense claims, while travellers can upload copies of their receipts with messages that will automatically be saved to their SAP Concur account.

Employees can also file simple expense with a message – such as “expense $15 for lunch” – that the bot will automatically save to their SAP Concur account.

Users can also search, book, pay for and collect rewards for flights within the app by typing in a request, as well as view their itineraries.

The expense bot will be available to US customers soon, with the travel bot (a collaboration between Concur Labs, Concur Travel and Hipmunk) to follow in the coming months.

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