Cloud services company Servicenow has chosen employee loyalty platform Rocketrip to reward staff for cost-conscious travel.

Rocketrip rewards employees for saving on business travel. For every dollar saved, staff members will keep 50 per cent to spend on incentives, prizes and experiences ranging from family holidays to home improvements.

Servicenow said it experienced 40 per cent year-on-year growth and needed a way to manage travel costs and provide employees with an enhanced booking experience. As a Concur user, the company was also in need of a solution that could integrate with its existing technology solutions.

Ryan Meonske, director of source-to-settle at Servicenow, said: “Our team members are experienced travellers and not afraid to share their opinions. We were determined to show frequent travellers that we appreciate their efforts. Rocketrip provides a creative approach to travel that results in a win-win for employees and the company. It motivates employees to travel economically and feel good about the choice.

“With a rapidly growing employee base, we see Rocketrip as attractive because it can unify our travel culture without taking away rights or privileges.”

Dan Ruch, CEO of Rocketrip, added: “Rocketrip solves the conflict between managing costs and taking great care of employees. Employees feel more valued when the travel culture is aligned with their needs and wellbeing.”;

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