A new service, called Business Travel Compensation, for the corporate business travel market has been unveiled by Travel Compensation Services (TCS).
TCS, which operates for and on behalf of the UK rail Industry, provides automation for delay repay (DR) claims management solutions to train operating companies, and to date has provided a service to more than half a million travellers who have experienced delays or cancellations with their rail travel.
In August 2013, it developed a central automated claims management system for rail commuters to process claims without having to go direct to the individual rail operator. Since TCS started, it has processed 865,309 claims, of which 546,813 were automatically settled. Of those not settled, it achieved £1,273,186 in cost reductions, resulting in a total of 246,168 satisfied customers, it claims. 
The new Business Travel Compensation tool will provide a “compliant and transparent solution for business travel; ensuring 100% of the compensation due is passed back through the TMC and ultimately to their clients and their travellers”, the company said.
Sarah Dalby, managing director of TCS, said: “We believe this is the right time for us to support the business travel industry. We have the right solution, endorsed by many of the TOCs, to support TMCs, organisations and business travellers. Business travellers should also be entitled to compensation, and what this compensation will be, will be agreed within the travel and HR policies with individual organisations; delivered and managed by TMCs who already provide a number of existing services.” 
After the rail sector, TCS plans to enter the air and ground transportation sectors.

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