Over the coming weeks BBT will be catching up with some of the winners from the 2014 Business Travel Awards to highlight their stories and find out how the win has affected their business.

In the second instalment of this mini-series SACO’s sales director Ben Harper reflects on the company winning Best Serviced Apartment Provider.

Why did you decide to enter the 2014 Buying Business Travel Awards?

Because it’s the Oscars of travel

What did winning the award for Best Serviced Apartment Provider mean to your team/ company?

It meant a lot.  It’s a tough category – the market is buoyant and competitive and there are many success stories. The award was an important validation of our strategy and the initiatives we’ve undertaken.   Everyone was excited by the award and the whole business celebrated – it made for a fabulous start to the year.

Has winning the award had any positive benefits for your company – both internally and externally? If so what have those benefits been?

The industry recognition is appreciated by our existing clients, helps open new doors to new relationships and partnerships.

Since the win what has SACO The Serviced Apartment Company been up to?

We’ve been busy – new properties, new clients, new technologies….

What’s in the pipeline for SACO The Serviced Apartment Company for 2015?

More of the same, we’re on the front foot and will continue to expand – look out for new people, new properties and the launch of the SACO service promise – our commitment to providing the best and most appropriate service to the range of clients we serve

Why should organisations and teams enter the awards? And why should they attend the ceremony?

Events like this are the life blood of the industry; a chance to see friends, colleagues and meet new people.  The awards give it a competitive edge that we all love. What more would you want on a gloomy Monday in January?

What the Judges Said: 

In one of the most competitive categories, SACO’s was seen as an outstanding entry. SACO has upped its game and is engaging with the corporate market; and the judges particularly liked its integration with global distribution systems, global reach yet local touch, impressive growth and inspiring innovation.

How to enter the 2015 Business Travel Awards

The 2015 Business Travel Awards will take place on Monday January 19.  Entries for the 2015 awards are now and must be submitted no later than  Monday September 8. To view categories and criteria visit www.businesstravelawrds.com. For the latest updates on the event, follow the Business Travel Awards on Twitter at @BBTAwards


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