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BBT March/April 2018
March/April 2018
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BA says domestic Club Europe is a ‘real hit’

British Airways lounge

British Airways says that its new Club Europe cabin onboard domestic flights have been a “real hit” with 70,000 passengers using the service during its first six weeks.

The carrier introduced the cabin on to its domestic network in early April, as part of a range of customer service improvements across BA's operations.

Alex Cruz, BA’s CEO, said: “Club Europe is proving incredibly popular with our customers on domestic services. In just a month-and-a-half we’ve had nearly 70,000 take to the skies with us and the feedback we’re getting is great.
“Customers are telling us that they love the new consistency throughout their travels with us. They are getting the smooth, easy experience they want, particularly for those transferring on to our European and long-haul networks.”

Club Europe on domestic flights features a 2:2 seat configuration with the middle seat left free and the two seats bridged by central console table.

The service is priced from £199 return and includes lounge access, free food and drink, dedicated check-in desks, priority boarding and baggage allowance of two cabin bags and two hold bags.


I think that is a brilliant addition to BA's service, as you get used to a certain class of service when flying and you fell a bit deflated when you don't get it! I don't travel on domestic flights very often, but I do use City Airport for European flights and I am always VERY disappointed that there is not a business lounge for those of us who are Sliver Exec members or travelling in Business class. In fact I never bother to upgrade to Business on short hall flights from City as there is no lounge, and the general one gets crazily crowded! An awful start to a weekend away...
Could BA do something to help those of us in this situation please?

Elspeth McConnell's picture
Elspeth McConnell (not verified)

I just realised this happened! I fly from Zurich to Edinburgh (via LHR), in Club Europe, next week and it's always riled me when you go from Europe to the UK in one class and then have to switch to UK Domestic (albeit in Business UK with lounge access and priority boarding, but with the risk of a busy flight and some annoying person in the middle seat (typically some fat guy who pokes your ribs the whole time and considers that both middle armrests are his to use as he pleases!).

Looking forward to trying the new Club Europe Domestic.

Last time I flew to EDH from ZRH it was via LCY (at Christmas, urgh!) and was also disappointed there was no Business Class lounge there. I like LCY but no lounge? (having said that, I used to prefer LCY to LHR before T5 opened. Before, my flight from Zurich would land at T4 and I'd have to get a bus to T1 and go through security there .. which, on a Friday night, is a complete nightmare at times).

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Scott (not verified)

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