Air France says it has set a deadline of this Friday (20 April) for representative unions to decide whether to accept a pay deal to end an on-going conflict with staff.

The airline is preparing for another day of strikes on 18 April, with staff walking out in protest of the initial pay deal put forward by Air France.

Air France says the proposal offers salary increases for 2018 through 2021 and includes an additional 1 per cent rise, bringing the total to 2 per cent for 2018, then 1.65 per cent per year from 2019 until 2021.

It also includes “plans to adapt the increase in case Air France’s financial result is less than €200 million”.

A statement on the airline’s website says: “The continuing strike action is having serious consequences for the company, its customers and staff. It is financially destructive for the airline and its staff and is putting the company’s future in danger. The estimated cost of these strikes, including 17 and 18 April, is €220 million.”

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