Airplus has sent some 800 pairs of socks to Japan to help with the relief effort.

The payment solutions firm bought a pair of socks for everyone who attended the Association of Corporate Travel Executives’ (ACTE) 2011 Global Education Conference.

Delegates were then asked to write their name and a short note on the packages of brightly coloured socks and place them in boxes ready to be sent to Japan.

Airplus has now sent the packages to local charity Socks For Japan, which is distributing the socks to those in need and translating the messages of support into Japanese.

Spencer Hanlon, executive director for marketing at Airplus, said he hoped the socks would give a little piece of comfort to people affected in Japan, and let them know that the global travel community cares.

“Apparently in Japan, having a clean pair of socks is a critically important part of their culture. Airplus has bought socks for everybody… A message of support would be much appreciated,” he said.

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