British Airways would like to work with Eurostar to combine flight and rail services on the same ticket.

BA’s commercial director Drew Crawley said the carrier had been looking at “opportunities to work with trains”.

“We would like to interline with Eurostar to offer a Paris-London sector on the train,” said Crawley at the ITM conference in Windsor.

“We would like to be able to price them, but so far trying to do this has been a big struggle – even though Eurostar wants to do it.  Technology is the critical issue.

“We would see it as an opportunity to offer better services to our customers. If you were working in London near to St Pancras, you could take the train to Paris and then fly back with us if you lived in west London.”

Eurostar currently accounts for 70 per cent of the market between London and Paris, although BA still operates 11 daily services on the route.

Lufthansa’s UK  general manager Christian Schindler said that there were many technical issues in combining flights and trains within the same journey including different levels of security.

“Railway systems do not have the same security measures in place – there’s no check-in, you just board the train,” he said.

“There are lots of ways of travelling and processes which are different and do not match up.”







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