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No laptop ban extension on Europe-US flights - for now

Laptop on aircraft

The laptop ban has not been extended to flights from Europe to the US after a key meeting in Brussels yesterday.

Officials from the European Commission and the US Department of Homeland Security held a four-hour meeting on Wednesday (March 17) to discuss aviation security.

There has been speculation that the ban could be applied to all flights from Europe to the US but this extension has not been imposed following the meeting.

US and UK authorities implemented a ban on larger mobile devices being taken into airline cabins on some flights from the Middle East and North Africa in March.

The EU and US Department of Homeland Security said in a joint statement after the meeting: “Both sides exchanged information on the serious evolving threats to aviation security and approaches to confronting such threats.

“Participants provided insight into existing aviation security standards and detection capabilities as well as recent security enhancements on both sides of the Atlantic related to large electronic devices placed in checked baggage.

“The United States and the European Union reaffirmed their commitment to continue working closely together on aviation security generally, including meeting next week in Washington DC to further assess shared risks and solutions for protecting airline passengers, whilst ensuring the smooth functioning of global air travel.”

Airline organisation IATA has warned that extending the laptop ban to transatlantic flights could cost passengers more than $1.1 billion through increased travel times and business travellers being unable to work onboard flights.


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