New extended stay brand Room2 has opened what it calls a ‘hometel’ in Southampton, which combines the offering of a traditional hotel with the convenience of home.

The property offers online check-in and guests can access their room key using their mobile phone. In addition to a 24-hour check-in and soon-to-be-available self check-in kiosks, guests will have flexibility on their arrival, according to Room2.

For business guests, the property offers long-term locker spaces so those staying for an extended amount of time can leave their belongings in a locker over the weekend until they return to the property.

The apartments offer living rooms, a work desk with USB chargers and free wifi, as well as a kitchen space. Other benefits include continental breakfast and coffee bar, a pantry-style shop selling ingredients and food items, a bar, laundry facilities and dry cleaning collection and delivery, and a communal space for working, networking, business meetings and socialising.

Robert Godwin, founder and managing director of Room2, said: “We’re looking to fill a huge gap in the market where people – whether they’re working or on holiday – want a much more flexible approach to staying away, allowing them to maintain the routine they enjoy at home.

“Speaking to business people, we discovered they were finding it hard to live their life the way they do at home when they stay in hotels. Their biggest concern was losing their healthy and effective routines.”

Room2 has another property slated to open in Manchester in 2020.

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