New research shows that nearly half of UK workers are regularly travelling for business, and a third say they’re taking 50 per cent more trips than in the past.

A survey of 2,000 British business travellers by hotel company Travelodge also found that 46 per cent of respondents feel more productive while they’re away from the office and actively instigate work trips.

The results of the survey show that even in a high-tech world in which quality video conferencing is capable, Brits prefer face-to-face meetings, leading them to travel for business three days a week on average.

Furthermore, 85 per cent of respondents believe it is vital to invest time travelling to see clients and work colleagues because it benefits their relationships, supports the company’s brand reputation and increases revenues.

Nearly four out of ten (39 per cent) said travelling has helped improve their skill set and confidence.

However, there is a downside to frequent travel, with respondents saying they spend an average of five hours of their personal time catching up on work they have missed while away.

And packing proved to be a pain point for 86 per cent of business travellers, with forgotten items costing them an average of £40 to replace.

Shakila Ahmed, spokesperson for Travelodge, commented: “Travel has become a big part of modern business, thanks to technology. Nowadays you can potentially work anywhere. Our bookings data supports the research findings, as over the last 24 months we have experienced a significant rise in business customers staying in our 568 hotels. Today, business travellers account for more than half of our sales and we are seeing businesses of all sizes switching from high-end hotels to value travel brands such as Travelodge.”

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