Employees shun policies 


SMEs in the UK are losing money because employees do not follow company travel policy.

Up to 40% of SME staff does not comply with company rules while 23% said their company did not have a travel policy.

Findings from the annual Barclaycard Commercial Business Travel Survey also showed that 4% of SME employees ignore company policy, the same number did not know one existed while 9% said they only followed it occasionally.  

Barclaycard said that for companies with 150 employees, this could mean a travel overspend of £31,284 a year.

The survey said that companies with 50-249 employees were “unlikely” to have a travel policy.

It also found that at companies where one did operate, 23% of the staff said they found it restricted choice.

Barclaycard’s survey found that attitudes by SMEs to environmental issues were also negative.

More than two thirds (72%) said their company did not have a green business policy while 9% did not know whether they did or not.

It also found that only 18%of respondents knew that their company had an environmental policy, 69% said that their company did not have one and 10% did not know.

Neil Radley, Barclaycard Commercial’s managing director,  said: “The results from this survey show that businesses are not making use of travel policies that may already be in place or are very easy to set up which is resulting in a loss of money. 

“By enforcing travel policies amongst employees and making sure that the procedures are correctly communicated this can lead to a SME business saving over £30,000 annually.

“In the current climate every part of a business should be working hard to ensure there are not unnecessary losses.  Getting employees behind a policy and training them on its benefits is key.”  

Barclaycard said 2,202 responded to its questions last December. They included ceos, chairmen, non-executives, financial directors, executive directors, managers and personal assistants.


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