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Travellers express health concerns over ‘ill-managed’ programmes

Poorly managed travel programmes are leading to “unmotivated” and “frustrated” workers, a new study has found.

Nearly one-third of corporate travellers reported their travel policy was “ill-managed”, which has caused 84 per cent to feel tired and burnt out and 43 per cent more likely to have negative feelings towards business travel.

The study of 500 frequent travellers from travel app Mezi also found 56 per cent said their policy only “moderately” aligned with overall company culture.

When the study asked what their company prioritises relating to corporate travel, the majority of people cited saving money and time (79%) over employee wellbeing or happiness (21%).

It also showed 83 per cent would be more willing to travel for business if their corporate travel policy offered additional travel perks like extending trip[s for leisure or allowing them to being a travel companion.

The full data can be found in “The changing landscape of business travel” report.

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