A recent study by Egencia found that despite the wide use of travel policies, ‘rogue bookings’ where travellers buy outside of their company’s programme is still an issue for corporates.

The fourth edition of the Egencia Business Travel and Technology Survey revealed that while 60 per cent of the more than 4,500 business travellers who took part said their company has a travel policy in place, more than half admitted they’re still allowed to book using any method they choose. A full 46 per cent have done so for hotels.

When asked why they’re still booking off policy, 42 per cent said it was because they couldn’t find a hotel close enough to their destination, while 37 per cent found a better price that was within their daily allowance.

According to the study, incentives for staying within policy vary by region, but monetary rewards proved to be the most popular way to encourage travellers to book within their programme. Sixty-two per cent of participants said they would be more likely to book on policy if they receive a portion of the savings. An additional 60 per cent would comply if they were offered money to put toward other travel options. Meanwhile, 56 per cent agreed they would be less likely to make rogue bookings if they were offered hotel loyalty points.

Egencia commented that encouraging travellers to book on policy can help protect the safety of employees and create cost efficiencies, as well as save programme managers time by reducing the need to collect data from rogue bookings.


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