UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson has reportedly put forward the idea of building a bridge over the English Channel to create an additional connection between Britain and France.

According to the BBC, Johnson proposed the bridge during a summit with French president Emmanuel Macron as the two discussed infrastructure and connections in relation to shared economic success.

A similar project was proposed in 1981, but the plans were branded impractical and abandoned. The more successful Channel Tunnel began construction in 1988 and was completed in 1994.

Bridge designer Ian Firth told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that building a bridge over the 20-mile stretch of water would be a big project, but was technically possible.

Johnson has been at the centre of several failed infrastructure projects, including Transport for London’s much-criticised new hybrid buses and abandoned plans to build an airport on an island in the Thames Estuary and a bridge covered with trees over the Thames in London. 

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