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Snow causes flight disruption in the UK

Flights are continuing to be affected by snow which is causing delays and cancellations to some services in parts of the UK.

Staff at several airports in the south west, including Exeter and Bournemouth, have been working to clear overnight snow from their runways to allow flights to resume on Monday (March 19).

Bristol airport, which was closed on Sunday morning because of snow on the runway, said it was open on Monday but added that “some disruption continues due to the impact of the overnight snow at the airport and on transport around the region”.

“No further snow is forecast and we expect operations to improve as the day goes on,” said the airport.

British Airways said it planned to run its normal schedule on Monday although it warned “the risk of poor weather at some airports on our network remains in place”.

“There may be some minor changes to our overall schedule if that poor weather materialises and affects those airports' abilities to handle flights.

“During cold weather conditions aircraft have to be de-iced prior to departure to ensure that they are safe and additional measures are taken to ensure the safety of our operation is maintained at all times.”

Flybe also warned that flights could be disrupted due to the temporary closure of airports, as well as possible restrictions on the number of arriving and departing flights.

“Flybe, like every airline, has itself minimum acceptable weather conditions in which we can safely operate,” the airline added.

“Please be assured that we will be doing our best to ensure that flights will operate as normal, taking into consideration any adverse weather conditions. The safety of our passengers and crew remains our number one priority at all times.”

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