Companies that use SAP to process their travel expenses and Airplus for payments can now carry out closer analysis of business travel costs.

Communication between the two companies’ systems has been improved, which means their joint clients can access a new set of data.

The travel payments firm and corporate card company believe the additional data will help travel buyers when it comes to negotiating with suppliers.

Using hotels as an example, Airplus’ and SAP’s joint clients can now see both the total accommodation expenditure as well as the number of individual nights their travellers stayed in hotels.

This gives companies concrete figures on total room nights and total spend, something which until now has proved tricky, according to Yael Klein, Airplus UK’s managing director.

With more detailed information, travel buyers are in a stronger position to negotiate rates, he said: “Many hotels, car rental agencies and airlines are willing to negotiate rate reductions on the basis of a minimal number of bookings.

“That leads to an additional savings potential for clients. Armed with this new detailed information, they are now better equipped for price negotiations – an ideal prerequisite for successfully reducing business travel costs.”

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