Companies are paying double for extras that have already been negotiated with suppliers as travellers are including them in expense reports, research from HRS and GBTA has found.

The study showed that wifi is included in the hotel rate in 89 per cent of cases but more than a fifth of travellers surveyed buy this extra on-site.

HRS and GBTA said targeted communication of the services included can help bridge these gaps, as well as a detailed evaluation of the services desired which can help increase employee satisfaction with the travel programme.

The study also found that travel policy has the greatest impact on travellers’ booking decisions. It showed 79 per cent of business travellers cited policy as the most important decision, ahead of convenience – ease of use (71%) and costs (70%)

The study found that better communication between travel management and travelling employees can help close these gaps.

“The results show that travellers want to do what’s right,” said HRS managing director Andy Besent. “Companies can support them by communicating the travel policy through the right channels, at the right time, and by taking employee’s feedback into consideration.

“Convenient, easy use also affects the booking decisions of travellers – beyond single tools, companies should focus on the entire process, from the search and booking to the travel expense report.”

500 business travellers from Europe and North America were surveyed for this study in the summer.

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