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Travellers spend more on business trips than holidays

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Research undertaken by the Office for National Statistics and compiled by shows the average traveller will spend much more on a business trip than they would on holiday.

The figures reveal people are more likely to splash out on cost when it comes to food and drinks if they have the use of company budget – sometimes double what leisure visitors spend in the same country.

In Portugal, holidaymakers tend to spend an average of £67 a day, while business travellers will spend £156, not including flights and accommodation. The largest disparity between business and leisure visitors is in Malta, where tourists maintain a budget of £64 a day and executives fork out £210.

Nicky Cox, spokesperson for, said: “We were surprised at the difference between a normal holiday and a business trip. However, when it comes to business, it’s all about setting the bar high – and this means expensive lunches, high-end restaurants, big bar tabs and top entertainment. Holidaymakers generally like to be a lot more low-key and generally have a tighter budget to stick to.”

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