The CWT Connected Traveller Study shows Americans are the best at staying in touch with family members while away on business.

The survey of more than 1,900 people by Carlson Wagonlit Travel reveals that half of business travellers from the Americas contact their families when they’re away from home, compared to only a third of those from Asia Pacific and a quarter of Europeans.

Business travellers from the Americas are more likely to check in once a day (47 per cent) than those from Europe (37 per cent) and Asia Pacific (32 per cent).

The study also revealed interesting differences in the method of communication used by regional business travellers. Europeans are more likely to use a phone (49 per cent) compared to those from the Americas and Asia Pacific (43 and 41 per cent). Meanwhile, Americans are more likely to stay in touch with family through text messages (20 per cent) than those from Asia Pacific (17 per cent) and Europeans (13 per cent).

Julian Walker, head of external communications at CWT, said: “Obviously business travellers miss family life when they are away, but most travellers make sure they stay in touch. While technology continues to evolve, most travellers still favour traditional ways to connect with family and friends. Digital tools, like video calls, are making it easier for travellers to feel more connected with their family when they’re away.”

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