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Egencia launches online air exchange

Egencia online air exchange

Egencia, the business travel arm of Expedia, has launched a new post-ticketing online air exchange for all its clients that allows travellers to change flights themselves.

Using the system, travellers can now change flights on either desktop or mobile after they book, with instant visibility on any potential fare changes and penalties.

Egencia’s recent research found that half of business travellers prefer to self-serve rather than having to speak to a travel manager or agent unless they encounter a problem. The company says its new online exchange gives travellers the choice to make changes to their trip on their own or with help from an Egencia consultant.

The exchange also provides users with available flight times within the same cabin class. Payment and previous seat preferences are automatically applied to new flights, which Egencia says leads to a rate of touchless automation of more than 80 per cent for the new process.

Michael Gulmann, chief product officer of Egencia, said: “Egencia aspires to meet its clients where they are and to deliver exceptional service where they expect it. When plans change, travellers turn to their devices – desktop or mobile – to find a solution. We make it easy for them to rebook the flight they need to close that deal, or make it home for the weekend.”

Egencia will be doing a live demonstration of its new corporate travel technology at this week’s Business Travel Show on stand B530. Register to attend the event here.


Does this new platform allow changes on Southwest Airlines?

MelissaMM's picture
MelissaMM (not verified)

Is the exchange limited to ONLY within the same cabin class? So if there is a seat open on the flight you want to now book, but seat is not in same cabin won’t be offered that seat to book. Is that correct?

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Mary Taylor (not verified)

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