American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) and ride-sharing firm Lyft have announced a partnership that will integrate the ground transport platform, data and insights for client travel programmes.

The collaboration will create the ability for business travellers to book ground transportation through Lyft, while travel managers have access to reporting and data to enable them to optimise their ground programmes. It also helps managers with the duty of care aspect of their roles.

Clients will be able to sign their company up for Lyft Business and use the app, while GBT says a full integration with its own mobile app will come later this year.

Travellers will have access to GBT’s negotiated incentives and partner rewards provided by Lyft through the partnership.

The integration will also allow for bookings to be segmented for expense management purposes.

Also later this year, GBT and Lyft plan to build an integration into Expert Care, GBT’s travel distribution and risk management platform.

Michael Qualantone, executive vice president of global supplier relations at American Express GBT, said: “This integration is unique from previous reseller models in the ridesharing space in that it goes beyond existing agreements and truly integrates Lyft ridesharing content into our clients’ travel policies as a compliant option. This is the first in a series of key milestones for our overall ground strategy that will be announced in 2018.”

David Baga, chief business officer at Lyft, added: “Partnering with American Express GBT to introduce this unique fully integrated ridesharing programme for business travellers is an integral next step in our efforts to streamline the corporate travel experience – ultimately increasing cost savings, visibility and efficiencies.”

Lyft has also announced that every ride it provides globally will become carbon neutral on an ongoing basis in a multi-million dollar investment in carbon offsets. The company will fund emission mitigation efforts, including the reduction of emissions in the automotive manufacturing process, renewable energy programmes, forestry projects and the capture of emissions from landfills.;

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