Expense and invoice management service Chrome River has partnered with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to launch global templates for expense reimbursement compliance.

Chrome River says it will leverage PwC’s global taxation and regulatory insight to provide international templates for clients to use when implementing expense management programmes. Its customers will be able to subscribe to receive automatic updates across a range of taxation, regulatory and expense data points, such as VAT, mileage reimbursement and meals/lodging rates.

The firm says clients can then use this data to follow complex rules on employee expenses while adhering to best practice regulations for processes such as receipt retention.

Alan Rich, CEO and co-founder of Chrome River, said: “The majority of [our] customers use our solutions across multiple markets, and every country has different standards and templates for expense reimbursement, which can be complex to manage. The ability to easily and accurately navigate the myriad global regulations that relate to employee expenses will make finance teams’ lives much easier, and with this relationship with PwC, we can enable our customers to remain in compliance with international regulations whenever they are updated.”


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