Travel management company Clarity has launched a new version of its online booking tool, Go2Book, at this week’s Business Travel Show.

Speaking at the event, Ruth Nicholls, head of online product development, said: “This is not just a simple re-skin, this is a reimagining of the booking process. As a company we have always put the traveller at the heart of all we do and the new version of Go2Book lives and breathes this philosophy.”

Clarity says its product development team held a series of workshops, both internally and externally, to determine what business travellers need out of a booking tool. It claims that rather than starting with the process of the TMC, the team built the new version of Go2Book around travellers.

Nicholls explained: “We were aiming for the whole process to be slicker and quicker, drawing inspiration from leisure booking tools which are leading the way in online technology. The new Go2Book learns your preferences, such as ticket type and class and then pre-sets them for you, making the whole process smoother and more personal.”

The platform was also built to accommodate New Distribution Capability (NDC), with Clarity deciding to showcase NDC content as standard and focus on the end user’s requirements.

CEO Pat McDonagh commented: “NDC is the hot topic in our industry at the moment, and many businesses are keen to showcase their capabilities to travel buyers. Our research showed us that the average business traveller doesn’t know or care about NDC. They just want great content which is personal to them. So we’re giving them what they want – simple, rich content in a quick and efficient interface.

“For us, content is king. Yes, the new tool looks great, but it is the underpinning content which is key to its success. We’ve achieved the balance of a slick leisure look and feel, but with the business functionality our users have come to expect.”

The Clarity team will be available to demo the new Go2Book at the Business Travel Show on stand B520.

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