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BBT March/April 2018
March/April 2018
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Eurostar to offer onboard wifi from 2013

Travellers taking the Eurostar will be able to use wifi to surf the internet onboard from early next year, as the high-speed rail operator undergoes a £700 million fleet renewal and refurbishment programme.

Eurostar’s head of commercial development Reuben Arnold said: “All of the trains in the whole fleet will have wifi – we are stripping them right down for the refurbishment and business passengers have been asking for wifi for a while.”

The refurbishment of Eurostar's existing fleet will begin in September this year, and there will be a progressive roll out of the new-look trains from early 2013.

Wifi will be provided by Nomad Digital, with Eurostar stating that the technology will allow passengers to "enjoy a high speed connection to the internet at all times throughout their journey, a seamless switchover at international borders and connectivity wherever the customer is seated and whenever it is required".

As well as the redesign and refurbishment of its existing 27 trains, ten new E320 trains will be rolled out from mid-2014.

All of Eurostar’s trains will feature interiors by Italian design house Pininfarina, known for its work with Italian motoring legend Ferrari.



Pininfarina is probably better remembered by the British for its association with BMC during the fifties and sixties for design work on Austin and Morris vehicles, noteably the A40 and the Morris Oxford saloons. You can bet that BMC built many more Farina-influenced vehicles than Ferrari over that period.

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