Staff at specialist TMC Key Travel have been “working around the clock” to make bookings for humanitarian workers travelling to help the relief effort in the Philippines.

Several parts of the south-east Asian nation have been left devastated by typhoon Haiyan which struck the archipelago on November 8.

Key Travel, which specialises in organising travel for the not-for-profit sector, said it had now made more 130 bookings to get relief workers to the Philippines over the last few days.

Spence Knudson (pictured), CEO of Key Travel, said: “Ever since the news broke we have been on high alert.

“Our account handlers have spared no effort to get humanitarian personnel to the affected areas, with many of our clients expressing their appreciation.

“We understand from United Nations’ figures today that up to four million people have been displaced and only 350,000 have found shelter, so will be concentrating our efforts on the relief efforts for some time to come.”

The company also said that it had received “multiple requests” from major NGOs (non-governmental organsisations) which were involved in the relief and rehabilitation of people who have been left homeless by the disaster.

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