Easyjet is to extend its Worldwide service that allows passengers to connect with long-haul services operated by other airlines.

Worldwide by Easyjet is being added at Milan Malpensa where passengers can connect on to flights offered by Norwegian and Italian airline Neos, using Malpensa’s Via Milano connections system.

The Worldwide service was launched in September when Easyjet began allowing connections through Gatwick to long-haul flights operated by Norwegian and Canadian carrier Westjet.

Easyjet said it planned to sign agreements to further expand the Worldwide service with other airlines early next year and added that negotiations were “already far advanced with Middle and Far Eastern carriers among others”.

Andrew Middleton, Easyjet’s ancillary revenue director, said: “We are expanding our Worldwide by Easyjet network to offer even more connections via another of our largest bases Milan Malpensa, with partners Neos and Norwegian.

“By doing so we will be able to profitably access a significant market segment of customers across Europe without compromising our operating model and punctuality.

“We continue to broaden our focus to launch more airline partners and add connectivity to more of our biggest airports – between them they have tens of millions of connecting passengers each year whose journeys begin or end in Europe.”

Connections through Worldwide by Easyjet are subject to a two hour 30 minute “minimum connection time” allowing passengers to transfer between flights and terminals. But the airline does not hold flights for connecting passengers who will be transferred to the next available flight if they miss their connection.

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