One of the best ways to overcome the challenge of keeping travellers on policy is to implement technology with dynamic, intuitive and personalised behaviour management engines, according to a new report by BDC Travel.

Emerging technology and travel management: Policy is the second report in a six-part research series called Inform; the first paper focused on the implications of technology on sourcing.

BCD Travel says the report is designed to help travel managers take advantage of new and emerging technology that is expected to ‘profoundly improve’ their corporate travel programmes.

The paper defines each new form of technology and explores ‘what it all means’ for travel managers, as well as offers a checklist of suggestions for keeping up with and implementing new tools.

Policy also explains how such tools can be used to effectively implement travel policies to steer travellers toward policy-compliant choice while improving savings and security, quality service, consistency and traveller wellness.

BCD Travel says new technology contrasts with the traditional approach to policy, something that is explored in the report.

It also explores the challenges of utilising technologies, such as compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The third report in the Inform series is due to be published in December. To view all the reports as they become available, visit

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