Global travel management company (TMC), FCm Travel Solutions, has extended its presence in South America with the addition of partner companies in Argentina and Mexico.

Action Travel is the Argentine company; established in 1973 and headquartered in Buenos Aires, it employs some 90 people and provides services to a number of blue chip companies such as Philips, ABTN Amro, Intel, General Electric, Bank of America, McCain and Credit Suisse.

The new partner company in Mexico is Koch Overseas, which has 40 employees in its head office in Mexico City and regional offices in Cancun, Losoles, Guadalajara and San Andres. Founded in 1950, its major clients include VW, Nissan, Nestle, Monsanto and Daimler Chrysler.

”Both of these companies have a reputation for seamless service and hold strong positions in their respective corporate travel markets,” said FCm Travel Solutions global executive general manager, Anthony Grigson.

South America is a key focus for FCm Travel Solutions, having signed with Brazil”s Flytour Business Travel in June 2006. ”Our aim is to develop a strong network of excellent partners across Latin America to meet the growing travel demands of corporates in this region, with localised service as our priority,” said Grigson.

”Like Brazil, the Argentine and Mexican cultures are quite distinctive and require experienced, on-the-ground travel specialists who understand the local travel industry and business market.”

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