Indian carrier Jet Airways plans to transfer its ‘scissor hub’ from Brussels to Amsterdam’s Schiphol.

The news was broken by Etihad CEO James Hogan at a press conference in Amsterdam yesterday (May 21).

Etihad holds a 24 per cent stake in Jet Airways and this latest move comes following the introduction of Etihad’s new co-operation agreements with Dutch airline KLM.

Jet Airways operates between Brussels, North America and India and these routes will be sorely missed by Brussels which has few long-haul connections compared to its Schiphol rival.

No timescale is available as to when the route transfers will take place.

In other news, James Hogan revealed that Etihad had no intention of joining Skyteam. But the carrier is interesting in working more closely with Skyteam member Delta.

Etihad already works closely with KLM covering various destinations on a joint venture arrangement. KLM CEO Peter Hartman told Dutch media that in only four months the two carriers had already booked an additional 10,000 passengers under this agreement.

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