A study on European business travellers has revealed a number of trends, including differences in preferences and attitudes between male and female employees, as well as between Millennials and Generation X.

Of the 6,000 business travellers surveyed by hotel loyalty programme Wanup, 62 per cent were men and 38 per cent were women, showing a big gender disparity in frequent travellers. Furthermore, only 11.2 per cent of women taking part are business owners, compared to 15 per cent of men, potentially pointing to a continued lack of women in senior roles.

The research also revealed differing preferences between men and women, with men choosing to stay in chain hotels and their female counterparts tending to book boutique properties. Women are also more likely to talk about their travel experiences on social media than men (69.3 per cent compared to 62 per cent of men in the UK).

The divide was less noticeable between Millennials and Generation X, at 49 and 51 per cent, respectively. According to the research, older employees have more autonomy over their travel decisions, with 33.5 per cent saying they aren’t restricted by a policy (compared to 28.7 per cent of Millennials. However, Millennials are more likely to use their mobiles during trips, with 70.3 per cent booking transport via an app, compared to 57.9 per cent of Generation X employees.

When it comes to rewards and loyalty programmes, 62 per cent of respondents are signed up to such schemes, with a free breakfast or room upgrade named as the best perk by 36.5 per cent. Other valued rewards include immediate cash back (24.4 per cent), points for personal use (22.2 per cent) and unique experiences (16.8 per cent).

Bleisure is on the rise across the board, with 17.7 per cent saying they add time onto their business trips to explore the destination, though 35.3 per cent describe their attitude as work hard/play hard. Top activities booked include cultural experiences, local cuisine and mind/body relaxation (56.4, 55 and 31.3 per cent respectively).

It’s good news all-round, though, with 93.4 per cent of those surveyed agreeing that they enjoy travelling for business.

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