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Easyjet introduces business travel sales team

Low cost carrier Easyjet has recruited four new people to launch its business travel sales team.

The new team will be looking to attract more corporate clients to the airline.

Claire Haigh, Easyjet’s UK head of sales, will lead the team, which includes senior business partners James Marchant, Paul Davis and Adrian Keating.

Some 18% of Easyjet’s passengers are flying on business, a percentage the team will be looking to grow, Haigh told ABTN at the Business Travel Market in London's Excel.

“We’ll be working with cost conscious companies who want to gain more savings,” she said, but was keen to point out the savings would be coming from Easyjet’s already low fares not from discounted tickets.

“It’s about engaging with the right customers in an Easyjet way. The team is there to highlight savings,” said Haigh.

“There will be no negotiating on rates. If people are thinking of discounts the conversation will be short.”

Instead buyers will be told “if Easyjet is the cheapest fare on the day, you should be booking with us,” she said.

Easyjet will not be working to a traditional business travel model, said Haigh: “We get sent RFPs for discounts – we just don’t fit that.m And we don't want to.”

However, travel buyers may be able to negotiate “added values”, such as fast-track security at airports.

For large accounts, Easyjet may also look at adjusting timetables to suit a corporate's needs, and even new routes.

Easyjet is looking to recruit at least two new people for its UK team, and to launch a five person-strong European team.



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