New York City tops a list of the most expensive destinations in the world for business travel, with two other US cities rounding out the top three slots.

Research by Expert Market has revealed that the average daily cost of expenses while business travellers are in New York is US$549. The report compares the prices paid by corporates for standard business expenses such as hotel rooms (costing $385 a night in New York), taxis/car rental and food.

San Francisco came second on the list at $534, followed by Boston at $511. Outside the US, the research found Tokyo to be the most expensive at $489, with Zurich and London nearly matched at $472 and $469, respectively.

Meanwhile, Johannesburg turned out to be the cheapest city in the world for corporate travellers at $174 per day.

The report ranked 100 US cities and 100 non-US cities. Interestingly, American destinations made up half of the top 20 most expensive places for business travel.

View the full results of the research here.

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