Manchester airport has revealed plans to open a private terminal to offer passengers flying on commercial airlines a “private jet experience”.

The new terminal, which will be called Premiair, will be available to purchase irrespective of class of travel or the destination, with prices starting at £50, according to Manchester airport. It will be separate to the existing three terminals.

Manchester airport says the intention for Premiair is to offer a premium service to passengers, whether they are travelling on business or for a holiday.

A range of service will be on offer at the terminal, including a personalised welcome, speedy baggage processing, lounge with complimentary food and drink and a dedicated security channel. Passengers will be driven straight to their aircraft in a private car transfer.

There will also be service for passengers arriving at the airport, either as part of a round-trip booking or as a standalone. These will include a car transfer from the aircraft to the terminal, a dedicated passport control centre and the ability to use the lounge while they wait for their luggage to be delivered to them in the terminal.

Secure parking will also be available for passengers using the Premiair terminal.

Manchester airport claims to be the first major hub to offer such a service in the UK, saying similar facilities are often restricted to business and first-class passengers or certain airlines.

Construction has begun on the new terminal on a site next to the airport’s Runway Visitor Park and it is due to open in mid-2019. The project is part of a £1 billion transformation of the airport.

Andrew Harrison, CEO of airport services at Manchester Airports Group, which owns the airport, said: “By introducing Premiair, we’re offering something unique for all of our passengers, and creating a completely new way to travel.

“It is something a large number of customers have been telling us for some time they would be interested in and we hope the services it will offer will appeal to a wide range of passengers, whether they are travelling for business, want to mark a special occasion or just want to add something different to their experience.

“The launch of Premiair at Manchester airport is the beginning of an exciting new project for MAG and we plan to assess opportunities to introduce it at other airport sites in the future. At MAG, we are always looking for new and innovative products to improve the passenger experience, and Premiair is a significant addition to our portfolio.”

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