Reducing travel spend is among the top priorities for buyers in 2014, according to a study published by Airplus.

The study found that “constant pressure” to cut costs and find value has led to it being one of the main priorities for travel buyers this year.

Airplus’ study of 135 travel buyers found improving data quality and driving better compliance among their travellers are also main targets for 2014.

While 2013 saw an increased adoption of emerging travel management strategies, such as open booking and gamification, Airplus said this year will see fundamentals dominate the managed travel industry.

Looking into category management the study found more travel buyers are prioritising their hotel programme over and air and car rental. Airplus claims this is because it’s becoming easier to negotiate and find savings among hotel management.

The study found “improving traveller satisfaction” is high on the priority scale for travel buyers this year.

It also showed travel managers of more mature programs voiced concern over the power of consumer loyalty programs to pull travellers away from their managed programs. Taking control of the loyalty effect may necessitate a move into this territory—and it’s an area that could develop quickly in 2014.

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