A group of Danish students are working to set up a business travel-focused social network platform aimed at start-up entrepreneurs.

Startuptravels.com is described by its founders as a service that “takes the best aspects of Linkedin and Airbnb”. They say users will be able to search for accommodation, temporary workspaces, or to expand their network by arranging to meet contacts for coffee or lunch.

Co-founder Anders Hasselstrom, a student at Copenhagen Business School, said: “We founded Startuptravels.com to meet demands that we ourselves have had while travelling – as the entrepreneur of a fledgling company, budgets are tight. You don’t necessarily have money to throw at flights and hotels”. He said the platform would help people travel in a cost-effective manner and build business relationships.

The team expects the site will be ready to launch in Q4 this year, and is currently building the database of members – so far people from 90 different countries have signed up.

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