Business Travel Direct is set to introduce a series of new enhancements from hotel shopping tool Tripbam.

BTD, which was the first TMC to partner with Tripbam, said using the platform had helped clients to find savings of up to 36 per cent on hotel prices.

Tripbam is a shopping platform that enables individuals, TMCs and corporates to shop across multiple hotels over several days to take advantage of rate changes.

The TMC will be introducing new Tripbam initiatives over the next few months, including a benchmark rate capture which will measure a company’s negotiated rates against other available hotel prices.

There will also be a new negotiated rate auditing function, which will identify preferred hotels that are not honouring their last room availability (LRA) agreements to clients.

Julie Oliver, managing director of Business Travel Direct, said: “Tripbam is a great example of how technology can be integrated seamlessly and bring benefits for clients who are making substantial savings without any changes in the way they book or manage their travel.”  

Steve Reynolds, Tripbam’s founder and CEO, added: “Business Travel Direct has led the way for Tripbam in the UK. Procurement managers gain not only from daily rate savings, but from the rich trend data Tripbam generates.”

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