Ground transport provider Groundscope has expanded their strategic partnership with Concur, launching a new small and medium-sized (SMB) programme.

The partners say the deal means that once opted into Groundscope through Concur, all rides will be seamlessly booked and compliant with established Concur policies. 

SMBs will also have the option of moving into the Groundscope enterprise model as they expand, which offers the same benefits alongside additional offerings and customisation. 

“This expansion in our strategic partnership with Concur showcases our commitment to them and providing an industry-leading travel ecosystem. We’re excited to help Concur’s SMB customers in the same way we have been helping their enterprise clients – while at the same time continuing to grow our valued relationship with Concur,” said John McCallion CEO of Groundscope. 

Dafydd Llewellyn, managing director at UK SMB & Nationals at Concur, added: “The work that Groundscope has done with our enterprise clients has been exemplary, so it’s fantastic that we can now offer the same benefits to our SMB customers. It’s an important addition to our growing ecosystem of partners within the travel sector.”

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